Discipline Decisions

Hearing Schedule

The College of Opticians of Alberta may hold hearings to resolve complaints filed against registered opticians. All hearings are open to the public unless otherwise noted.  

Upcoming disciplinary hearing dates:

  • There are currently no scheduled hearings

Past disciplinary hearing dates:

  • September 11, 2017 in Calgary, AB
  • April 7, 2014 in Edmonton, AB

Published Decisions

As part of our public protection mandate, the College publishes disciplinary decisions and accompanying summaries for complaints against registered opticians. 

Complainant names and witness names may be redacted for privacy. Registrant names will only be redacted if their publication could reasonably be used to identify a complainant.

Sexual abuse/misconduct cases are published indefinitely in accordance with the Health Professions Act.


Neefs, Randy - License No. 210


Facilitated Resolution Agreement


Wong, Emma - License No. 693


Facilitated Resolution Agreement

Asaria, Karim - License No. 1140


Facilitated Resolution Agreement


Wong, Brian - License No. 1437


Facilitated Resolution Agreement


No complaints proceeded to the discipline process in this period.


No complaints proceeded to the discipline process in this period.


Dasouki, Anola - License No. 1343

Dasouki, Jalal - License No. 1474

Dasouki, Lamia - License No. 1654

Al-Dassouki, Alfonso - License No. 1715

Amiri, Sahar - License No. 2100

Decision of the Hearing Tribunal