Separation of College and Association

Single-Mandate Regulatory College

On January 1, 2022, the Alberta College and Association of Opticians (ACAO) became the College of Opticians of Alberta (COA) with the sole mandate to protect the Alberta public.

Bill 46 introduced by the Government of Alberta in December 2020 requires all dual mandate health colleges and associations to separate. Opticians in Alberta will continue to be licensed and regulated by the COA, but all association-specific activities will be discontinued.

The separation process means that the COA can no longer offer member programs and services, such as professional liability insurance, home and auto insurance, and retirement benefits. These programs will remain accessible to members in 2022 while the COA explores their transition to a new association for opticians.


A New Association for Alberta's Opticians

The COA Council established the Association Development Steering Committee to explore the establishment of a new association in Alberta. The steering committee members have been working hard to make this vision on a reality:

Dean Thompson, RO, RCLP (Chair)
Rick Miller, RO, RCLP
Ted Murdoch, RO
Valerie Pryma, RCLP   

Member Benefits

As a member of the association, you will have access to the following benefits:

TD Insurance Affinity Program
The TD Insurance Meloche Monnex program for opticians offers preferred insurance rates on a wide range of home and auto coverage that can be customized for your needs. For more information visit TD Insurance or call 1-877-777-7136 to speak to with a licensed advisor. 

BMS Errors and Omissions Insurance
This exclusive member insurance program for opticians offered comprehensive coverage at a competitive price that meets and exceeds all provincial requirements. Apply for coverage here. Please return all applications to BMS at Or call 1-844-200-7159 to speak with a broker.

Alberta Retired Teachers Association
The ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan made available opticians offers options for different levels of coverage. These options provide the freedom to select the coverage level that’s right for members and their families. 

Get Involved 

The Steering Committee wants to hear from Alberta’s opticians to inform the launch of the new association.

We need your help and support to make the Opticians Association a reality. Due to privacy of information requirements we need your permission for the College of Opticians of Alberta (COA) to share your contact information with the Association Committee. We will use your contact information to keep you informed as to our progress in setting up the new association, and once we are able to announce the relaunch of the association you will be the first to know.


Please complete a brief survey to allow the COA to share your contact information with the Association Committee and to provide the Committee with your feedback about educational interests and needs. 

Third-Party Contracts

The Negotiations Committee currently oversees all third-party contracts for the Association.

If you have any questions regarding the contracts please contact Rick Miller at

AHS Fee Schedule

AISH Contract

NIHB Contract


The Committee is also seeking additional volunteers to support development of the new association. If you are interested in volunteering, please submit your name and contact information and we will set up a Q&A meeting to answer your questions.

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