Registration and Renewal


Annual Renewal

All COA registrants must complete their renewal online through their
My COA Portal. Please log in to your profile using the username and password provided to you by the COA and complete the step-by-step renewal process.

If you have any questions or require support with your online renewal, please contact us at 780-429-2694 or

Renewal Period

Registration opens October 1 and closes on December 31 of each year. Registrants who renew between December 1 – December 31 may be subject to a late penalty. Registrants who renew after December 31st are subject to reinstatement fees. 

Once you have applied, met the registration requirements and paid your fees, your license to practice will be in valid until the next renewal year. Online renewal reminders are sent monthly starting in September of each year and are posted on the COA’s communication channels, including the website, social media, and newsletter.

Renewal Requirements

Registrants must be in good standing and have completed all renewal requirements at the time of renewal. Registrants who have not yet completed the assigned jurisprudence (code of conduct) modules and/or mandatory protecting patients against sexual abuse and misconduct module will be notified at the time of renewal and will be required to complete these outstanding requirements before proceeding. 

Non-Practicing Status

Registrants who are unemployed or are required to take an extended leave from work may apply for non-practicing status. Registrants who apply for this status cannot practice as an optician in any capacity, including performing duties restricted to licensed opticians under legislation. 

Registrants applying for non-practicing status must advise the COA of their transition before the conclusion of the registration renewal period. The COA does not offer refunds for payment of fees but may offer half-year prorated fees for non-practicing applicants. 

Non-practicing registrants must still complete mandatory Continuing Competence Program requirements. 

To update your registration to non-practicing, login to the COA portal here