Volunteer Opportunities

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Opportunities for Opticians

The COA relies on registered opticians to serve in a variety of roles to support the governance of the organization and the registration and regulation of opticians in Alberta.


Per Diems and Registration Fees:

The COA offers its Council and Committee members a small payment for their time dedicated to completing the work of the COA. This also includes any training that may be required. For regulated members of Council, reimbursement of registration fees are provided during their term on Council.

The deadline to submit a Nomination Package has now passed. 

Council Committee Terms of Reference

For questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact the COA Office at 780-429-2694 or** 

Roles and Requirements





Council Member

Appointed member of governing board tasked with oversight of the organization. Registered opticians submit a nomination package for review by the Governance and Audit Committee. Nominees are reviewed and approved by the Council in accordance with the COA Bylaws and the COA Council Recruitment and Selection Policy.

Practicing member in good standing

In-person and virtual meetings (minimum 5 times per year)

Committee Member-at-Large (Two Committee Options)

Member of the Governance and Audit Committee tasked with review of governing, finance, and audit policies and related projects.

Member of the Registration and Competence Committee tasked with review of registration and competence policies and related projects.

Practicing or non-practicing member in good standing

Virtual meetings (minimum 4 times per year)

Hearing Tribunal Member

Member of the hearing tribunal tasked with review of complaints against registered opticians that are referred to hearing.

Practicing member in good standing

Ad hoc; hearing tribunal members receive complimentary training to serve in the role.

Examiners and Models

Member of the examination team serving as examiners or models to support administration of the NACOR Exam.

Practicing or non-practicing member in good standing

Examinations held twice per year in Edmonton and Calgary; examinations are hosted at the NAIT and SAIT campuses.

Council/Committee Per Diem Rates


In Person

Strategic Planning

0 - 30 Minutes / $25.00

Under 4 Hours / $115.00

Friday / $115.00

1 - 1.5 Hours / $50.00

4 - 8 Hours / $191.00

Saturday / $306.00

2 - 3 Hours / $100.00

Over 8 Hours / $30.00

Sunday / $191.00

Examiner Per Diem Rates