Legislative Requirements

Requirements for Opticians

As registered health care professionals, opticians must remain current and knowledgeable about the legislative requirements for practice in Alberta. Opticians are regulated by a number of key Acts, Regulations, and Standards of Practice

Health Professions Act of Alberta

The Health Professions Act sets out common requirements for the regulation of health professionals in Alberta.

The Government of Alberta has developed a Health Professions Act Handbook to simplify and summarize the Act for the benefit of the public and regulated health professionals.  

Government Organization Act

Government Organization Act outlines which health services are restricted activities and sets out offence and penalty provisions for unauthorized practice and activities.

Health Information Act

The Health Information Act outlines the requirements for the collection, use, and disclosure of patient health information, as well as the duties and powers of custodians (regulated health professionals who use and have access to patient health information.

Opticians Profession Regulation

The Opticians Profession Regulation complements the Health Professions Act and sets out the requirements specific to the registration and regulation of opticians.


The College of Opticians Bylaws are the overall guiding principles of the College. They direct the Council in their work to oversee the College of Opticians of Alberta.

Standards of Practice

The Standards of Practice for Opticians are set by the College and approved by the Minister of Health. The standards establish minimum enforceable and acceptable levels of performance, qualifications, and professional practice requirements for opticians in Alberta to ensure the provision of safe, competent, and ethical eye care. The standards are accompanied by practice guidelines to assist opticians with the application of the standards.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics for Opticians is set by the College and includes standards specific to professional conduct.