Registration Fees

The COA Council sets fees on an annual basis in accordance with the costs associated with governing and regulating the opticianry profession in Alberta. 

Registration fees are pro-rated for permits valid from July 1st – December 31st. 


Applications received between January 1st - June 30th Fees (including GST)

Applications received between July 1st - December 31st Fees (including GST)

Registered Optician (RO)



Registered Contact Lens Practitioner (RCLP)

$158.16 (+ RO fee = $831.53)

$79.08 (+ RO fee = $415.77)

Provisional Optician (PO)



Provisional Contact Lens Practitioner (PCLP)

$158.16 (+ RO fee = $831.53)

$79.08 (+ RO fee = $415.77)

Non-Practicing (all registrants)



Change Status: Non-Practicing to Practicing (Eyeglass)



Change Status: Non-Practicing to Practicing (Eyeglass and Contact Lens)



Application Fees

New Members pay a one time $315 application fee in addition to annual registration fees. Registrants who are reinstating their license pay a $55 application fee in addition to the reinstatement fees an annual registration fees. There is no application fee for registrants changing from Non-Practicing to Practicing. 

Reinstatement Fees

If a registration form or payment is not received by the COA by January 1, the registrant’s registration will be cancelled in accordance with legislative requirements. Registrants applying for reinstatement after cancellation are subject to a reinstatement fee in addition to the annual registration fee.

Reinstatement fees are calculated based on the number of years since cancellation as follows: 

  • Year 1 = 25% of registration fees
  • Years 1-2 = 50% of registration fees
  • Years 2-5 = 100% of registration fees
  • Members reinstating after 5 years of suspension are required to complete the Prior Learning and Recognition (PLAR) process.
  • To reinstate your license, login to your COA portal or contact the office for more information ( 


Year 1*

Years 1-2*

Years 2-5*

Registered Optician (RO)

$168.34 (+ RO Fee = $841.71)

$336.69 (+ RO Fee = $1,010.06)

$673.37 (+ RO Fee = $1,346.74)

Registered Contact Lens Practitioner (RCLP)

$207.88 (+ RO/RCLP Fees =$1,039.41)

$415.77 (+ RO/RCLP Fees = $1,247.30)

$831.53 (+ RO/RCLP Fees = $1,663.06)

*Fees noted above include GST

Payment Options

While completing your online renewal, you will be asked to choose your method of payment from a drop-down list that includes MasterCard or Visa, E-Transfer, and Cheque/Money Order. Additional details regarding payment are noted below:

  • Please send e-transfer payment to Your security question should be: What is my COA license number? Your answer must be your COA license number.
  • Please make your cheque or money order payable to: College of Opticians of Alberta and mail in your payment to: 201, 2528 Ellwood Drive SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0A9
  • We charge $52.50 for bounced cheques (includes GST).
  • Income tax receipts are available for download in the My COA Portal.