Standards of Practice

Standards of Practice

Standards refer to the minimum acceptable level of performance, qualifications, and professional practice required for opticians to ensure services that are ethical and safe for Albertans.  This document also includes practice guidelines to be used in conjunction with professional judgement and critical thinking skills in the provision of care as regulated health professionals.

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Accountability, Ethicality, Fairness, Effectiveness, Openness, Transparency
We promise to be accountable to the public and to our members. As their regulatory body, we take responsibility for the actions of registered opticians in Alberta. We also ensure that our registered members are competent practitioners, and are aware of their responsibilities to the public.
We take the ethical responsibilities of health professions seriously. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring best practices for health and safety, privacy, and more.
We will always treat the public and our members fairly. As such, we will resolve accusations of professional misconduct, and implement disciplinary action when necessary.
We are constantly striving to improve our effectiveness as a regulatory body and as an association. We make every effort to advance and update our services. We also strive to provide easy access to information for the public and our members.
As an organization, we believe that fostering an open dialogue with members is the best way to improve our performance. Through member participation in committees and council meetings, we encourage active participation in the regulation of the COA.
From our finances to our policies and more, we believe that our organization should be transparent to the public and the members we represent. Information about our activities and spending will be publicly available, insofar as it does not contradict our responsibility to keep private information safe.