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COVID-19 Update: Symptoms and PPE

Navigating COVID-19 Symptoms

Alberta Health Services has posted a COVID-19 Self-Care Guide. According to this guide, if you have symptoms of COVID-19, you can assume you have the virus and likely the Omicron variant. You do not not need to be tested to confirm.

The Self-Care Guide offers information on managing COVID-19 symptoms at home and how to care for someone with COVID-19 at home, as well as links to self-care resources and answers to frequently asked questions.   

The Alberta Medical Association has also prepared a Red-Amber-Green Guide for Navigating COVID-19. This guide assists with identifying your risk levels if you contract COVID-19 as well as when you should seek medical assistance.

PPE Update for Health Care Professionals

Alberta Health Services has issued new guidance on the use of masksKN95 masks, N95 respirators, and a well-fitting procedure/surgical mask are all considered safe practice for continuous masking. 

seal-tested KN95 mask is a safe and reasonable alternative for a fit-tested N95 respirator: use a well-fitting procedure/surgical mask if neither are available. Do NOT double-mask in any combination as there is an increased risk of self-contamination. KN95 masks, like N95s, provide 95% or greater particulate filtration efficiency.  

Updates are posted as received on our COVID-19 page.