COA Council Nominations 2022

2022 COA Council Nominations and Appointments

The College of Opticians of Alberta is seeking nominations for a Director on the COA Council of Directors. This position is for a three-year term, expiring in Spring 2025. There is currently one appointed position available.

Council Appointments

In 2022, the Council adopted an appointment process for registered members as part of the transition of the former ACAO to the College of Opticians of Alberta (COA) with a single mandate to protect the public. In accordance with the COA Bylaws, registered members are appointed for a 3-year term and may serve a maximum of 2 terms. Public members are appointed by the Minister of Health.


Registrants in good standing may apply to serve on the COA Council by submitting a nomination package for review by the Governance and Audit Committee. Nominees are reviewed and approved by the Council in accordance with the COA Bylaws and the COA Council Recruitment and Selection Policy

Requirements for Council Nominees:

  • Nominees must be practicing regulated members in good standing on the General Register of the College of Opticians of Alberta.
  • A resume or statement of interest and two letters of reference must be submitted with this nomination form.


The Council has adopted a Council Composition Matrix that represents the skills, knowledge, and values that individual Council members and the Council as a whole strive to apply in their governance roles. While not every Council member is expected to possess the following skills, practices, and knowledge, the Council strives to welcome members with diverse attributes.

Skills, Practices, and Knowledge:

  • Cultural Safety and Humility
  • Financial Literacy
  • Governance 
  • Health Professions Regulation
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Organizational Decision-Making
  • Technological Competence

Council members serve not only as Directors of Council but also serve on COA committees. The COA establishes committees to determine policy and procedures, as well as set guidelines in several areas that are critical to the continued regulation of opticians in Alberta. These committees are comprised of Council members and volunteers who receive a per diem for service in accordance with the COA’s Finance Policies.
  • Governance and Audit Committee
  • Registration and Competence Committee
Submitting a Council Nomination Form

To submit a nomination form for the COA Council position, please complete a nomination form along with a resume, or statement of interest, and two letters of reference. Nomination packages will be forwarded to the Governance and Audit Committee for review and selection.
Submission Deadline for Council Nomination Packages: May 31, 2022
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Kristie Murray
Phone: (587) 760-1887 or Email: